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Her career started in. Her father named Boris Mikhailovich Pugachev was a shoe factory. Alla pugacheva 2013 απώλεια βάρους.

In March Pugacheva signed a petition against persecution of Andrei Makarevich who protested against annexation of Crimea and war in. Alla Pugacheva was born Alla Borisovna Pugacheva on April 15 in Moscow, 1949 Russia.

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Alla Pugacheva performing Million Roses live 1983 ( C) Universal Music Russia. Subscribe to our Official Universal Music Group Russia ( UMG). Holodno, the song from Galkin' s concert " A mne 26".

The uncredible Alla Pugacheva at the Eurovision Song Contest! Alla Borisovna Pugacheva is а Soviet and Russian musical performer.

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