Mia mcghee απώλεια βάρους 2014 - Νέος τρόπος για να χάσετε βάρος 2017

After a decade of trying to have children Mia Ro McGhee never imagined that they would have sextuplets! In the new series Mia , Growing Up McGhee . The series follows the day- to- day lives of Mia along with their household, Rozonno McGhee as they balance. Mia mcghee απώλεια βάρους 2014.

The second season of 6 Little McGhees premiered on September 7 concluded on October 26 . They struggled to become pregnant but now Rozonno Mia McGhee have sextuplets! Find out what it' s like to raise these miracle babies.

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Mcghee Βάρους

The Ohio- based McGhee family, who welcomed sextuplets in, recently posed for an. June 8,, 8: 50 AM PDT / Source: TODAY.

Five years ago, Ro and his wife, Mia, didn' t know how they were going. Network from to - the business, McGhee Carpet Cleaning,.

Growing Up McGhee, formerly known as 6 Little McGhees is an American reality television.
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